Formats an email then sends the message or stores in an attribute. The message is constructed through nested tags.

The <email:error> and <email:success> tags may be used to determine the results.

Tag Information

Tag Class: com.newmediaworks.taglib.email.EmailTag
TagExtraInfo Class: None
Body Content: JSP
Display Name: None


Name Required Evaluation Type Description
smtpHost No Runtime String

The SMTP host to use for sending email. Defaults to the mail.smtp.host system property.

smtpPort No Runtime Integer

The SMTP port to use for sending email. Defaults to the mail.smtp.port system property.

var No Runtime String

When provided, the email will not be sent. Instead, it will be converted to a byte[] binary format and stored in the variable with this name.

scope No Runtime String

Provides the scope of the variable that will be set when the var attribute is provided.

Must be one of:

  • page (the default)
  • request
  • session
  • application


No Variables Defined.