NMW Payment Taglib Reference

JSP taglib encapsulating the AO Payments API.

This is the scriptless implementation based on javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.SimpleTagSupport. For compatibility with legacy applications that use JSP scriptlets, please use NMW Payment Taglib Reference (Legacy).

Both implementations are interoperable and may be used simultaneously under different prefixes.

A tag library for storing credit cards, authorizing credit card payments, capturing the funds, and voiding transactions.

This taglib is part of an extensible suite of interoperable, context-aware, auto-encoding taglibs. All auto-encoding tags generate correct output for their context, provide context information for nested tags, and validate the output of nested tags. For example, <ao:message> within <payment:comment> will write its output encoded as TEXT.

This suite includes, but is not limited to:


Standard Syntax

<%@ taglib prefix="payment" uri="https://oss.newmediaworks.com/payment-taglib/" %>

XML Syntax

<anyxmlelement xmlns:payment="https://oss.newmediaworks.com/payment-taglib/" />

Tag Library Information

Display Name: NMW Payment Taglib
Version: 2.1.2
Short Name: payment
URI: https://oss.newmediaworks.com/payment-taglib/